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Perfect Natural Looking Eyebrows

Are you looking to provide your clients with the best looking brows the beauty industry has to offer? If the answers is Yes Then enroll today in the best microblading course since 2011. Here at Real Eyez Beauty Group, we believe in teaching consistent fundamentals that will make you successful. As a successful graduate of our online microblading training or any 1 of our nationwide microblading workshops, you can feel confident that you gained step by step instructions from only the best master trainers, with decades of hands-on experience as a professional microblading artists.

In Depth Consistent Learning 

Real Eyez Beauty Group microblading training courses are taught with 5 main core beliefs that make up the reason students continue to find our program to be one of the best. If your confident and believe that training should be based on integrity, convenient, consistent, standardized and professional, then this training is for you.

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The Real Eyez Beauty Microblading Course is broken down into 12 online training modules, in which each student will learn the following fundamentals. 
.1. Intro
2. Structure of the Skin
3. Face Shapes
4. Client Consultation
5. Brow Mapping
6. Brow Stroke Design Templates
7. Practice Skin
8. Preserving the Brow Template
9. Fitzpatrick Scale
10. Custom Color Blending
11. Asian Brow One Direction Brow
12. Standard Brow Final Reminders 

Earn Your Microblading Certification Today Online! 

You Can Achieve So Much When You are Properly Trained

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Ongoing Lifetime Support

From start to finish you can count on Real Eyez Beauty and our community of microbladers to help support you while on your journey to certification. We not only provide you the best training but the best microblading supplies as well. Real Eyez Beauty is considered an intervator in the world of microblading and color theory. We have sourced and created only the best product for you to use throughout your microblading procedures. 

Start Your Certification Journey

After completion of our online course, we invite all students to send us 5 before and after procedures, they have completed on clients or live models to be awarded the Official Microblading Certificate of Certification. The average Real Eyez Beauty Certified Microblader can make as much as $400 an hour within their first year!


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Cheryl J.

1st Student

So I was the 1st student to try the "Virtual Training" with Shea and it was amazing!! As a busy mom with limited time, I couldn't find a class close enough for me and after speaking with Shea, she offered to do a test run of the Virtual Class which would give me the best of both worlds.....sitting in on the class and the online classes combined. It was perfect and I would recommend this to anyone!! I didn't have to travel, spend extra time and money to get there and I was in the comfort of my own home. I was able to interact in the classroom just as if I was there. And when it came time to do my model, I scheduled a seperate time with Shea and I got one on one attention with her guiding me every step of the way in the procedure. If you can't find a class close or it's too hard to travel, this is the MUST class you need to do!! Get training today and get ready for the cha ching!!!

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Erica. R

Seventh Boutique & Beauty Bar

I recently completed a class with Crystal Belle and omg can I just say she succeeded my expectations of this class I would take this class a million times over that’s how enjoyable she made it I can honestly say this girl is doing what she’s meant to do in life teaching being an amazing mentor and will forever be mine thank you again crystal for going Above and beyond with your classes I’ve learned so much from you!!!!!

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Katie. L

Beauty by Katie Lirette

I recently got certified in Real Brows Microblading with Kathy Moberly. I traveled from Louisiana to Indianapolis because I wanted to learn from the best. Kathy has 30+ years of beauty industry experience and is someone I look up to. She was very thorough and willing to answer any and all questions that I had. The classes are small and very hands on. You learn a lot in a very short amount of time. Kathy really does care about the success of each of her students. I am also very pleased with the support that Real Eyez Beauty Group offers afterwards. I cannot recommend this company enough.

Become A Master Trainer In Texas 

Are you ready to start teaching? Real Eyez Beauty is always looking for confident estheticians who wants to really advance their career. After graduating our program students have the ability enter a Train the Trainer program and host their own workshop!

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Real-Eyez Your Natural Beauty

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Hello, I am Shea Gipson the Founder, Program Designer and Master Trainer at Real Eyez Beauty Group. For For the last 30 years I have gain hands own knowledge n the medical and beauty industry as a Model trainer, Makeup Artist, Esthetician and Medical Assistant. Through the voice of the community and my experience I have designed a microblading training program that has a proven success rate since 2011. To date we have trained more that 1000 students on the art on microblading in Texas.

II am inviting you join Real Eyez Beauty Group as not just a student but as a key part of our microblading community in Texas. For just $1200 dollars I will provide you with the fundamentals you need to start making $500 to $800 dollars per client. I hope to see your enrollment soon!