Feb 21 , 2019


They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true then eyebrows are the curtains that frame those windows.

Eyebrows are the hottest trend in the beauty industry today. To get perfect eyebrows people are turning to YouTube for inspiration and professionals for waxing, threading, brow hennas and even eyebrow extensions. New eyebrow makeup is hitting the market almost monthly.

2019’s hottest brow accessory:

Faux Features Cosmetics created a great tool called Brow Protege’. Brow Protege’ is a one-piece adjustable [sticky] stencil that takes all the guesswork out of drawing perfect eyebrows in under a minute! Brow Protege’ is made in the USA with sturdy material that doesn’t tear easily.

With 3 stencils styles to choose from, you can choose the best option for your personality or face shape. Each style comes in medium and thick. There’s even an option for a male brow.

Benefits of using eyebrow stencils:

Do you want the symmetrical eyebrows of your dreams in an instant? Use Brow Protege’ one time and you’ll never want to draw your eyebrows without it again. This Amazing beauty product is adjustable and does all the work for you. Perfect for both beginners and Pros who offer Microblading and Professional Makeup services. This simple and easy-to-apply eyebrow stencil makes drawing perfect eyebrows easy as 1-2-3!

Brow Protege’ is 2019’s most essential thing to have in your swag bag. Get 20 minutes back in your day with Brow Protege.

How to use eyebrow stencils?

  1. Before using this product clean the brow area.
  2. Mark a center line between eyebrows.
  3. Match the center line on the stencil to the line between your eyebrows.
  4. Place the stencils over the eyebrows and adjust the tabs at each end for correct placement of the tail.
  5. Apply brow wax as a prep for the color as helps it stay on longer.
  6. Apply color and Voila!